5-axis machining center Maho MH 800 C

5-axis machining center
Brand: Maho
Mod: MH 800 C
Circular table diam .: 900x630mm
Longitudinal stroke: 800mm
Cross travel: 600mm
Vertical stroke: 500mm
Max weight on table: 450kg
Table size: 360 °
Tool reverser:
Quantity tools 30
Max tool diam .: 80mm
Max. Length tools: 315mm
Max tool weight: 10kg
Spindle taper connection:
with continuous variator from 20 turns / min to 6300 turns / min
Working feeds: 1-5000 mm / min
Rapid feeds: 8 m / mm
Vertical stroke 80mm
Connection 50 HZ 3x: 380Volt
Spindle motor: 15kw
Weight: 6200kg
integral protection cabin
In good working condition, it is possible to see it connected and working, by appointment.

It is guaranteed that all the parts of the machine are functioning, and it is possible to see the testing.

The machine is available in Milan

The product code: 21146