Used Gigant G2 800 ton hydraulic press

SOLD! offers this used Gigant 800 ton hydraulic press for sale in Mantova (Italy), produced in 2004 and in very good working conditions. All press parts are fully functional. The G2 model of Gigant is classified as a big Press Brake – a two uprights drawing press. All Gigant press structures are steel alloys made (i.e. S355 or higher), certified and verified for chemical analysis and mechanical testing. Assembled elements are welded together and normalized, i.a.w. UNI-EN10025 regulations. The structures are designed to improve load distribution and lower associated tensions, so to minimize distortions. The moving table employs a prismatic guiding system that ensures full parallelism precision. The hydraulic cylinders are completely designed by Gigant and built with forged parts so to ensure the pistons’ reliability, safety, durable and with no leaks that may cause a machine downtime.

Gigant G2 800 ton Hydraulic Press Details

  • Mode: G2/800/2 – two uprights drawing press
  • Serial Number: 2004003
  • Capacity: 800 ton
  • Pistons: 2 P400 / 1000 / G10 kN 8000
  • Return power kN 680
  • Stroke movable table or piston 1000 mm
  • Max working pressure: 255 Bar
  • Capacity: L / 1’ 2 x 360
  • Approach speed moving table: 500 mm
  • Moving table working speed: 20-38 mm
  • Moving table return speed: 450 mm
  • Electric motors. 75 kW
  • Number of turns: 1500
  • Voltage and frequency: Volt / Hz 400/50
  • Maximum light between the tables: 1300 mm
  • Light between the uprights: 2520/700 mm
  • Dimensions fixed work table: 2500 x 1600 mm
  • Max operating pressure: 240 bar
  • Pumps: 2
  • Size of the blank-holder table: 2300 x 1300mm
  • Total electric absorption: kW 163
  • Overall dimensions of the press: 4560 x 3600 x 7000
  • Weight 75,000 kg
  • Year of production: 2004
  • Product code: 22828
  • Press availability: Mantova (Italy)
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Gigant G2 used 800 ton hydraulic press - two uprights drawing press
Gigant G2 used 800 ton hydraulic press for sale in Mantova (Italy)
Press frontal View
View of the entire maching
Press Serial number: G2-800/2/2004003, year produced: 2004, serial number: 2004003 and other inforamtion
Press Serial number, year produced and serial number
Press technical features
Technical features of the press
Press control panel
The control panel of this Gigant G2 800 ton press
Closeup image of the press control panel
Panel of controls of this Gigant Press