About ProfiMachines

We are a young and ambitious company ProfiMachines. We sell new and used industrial machines all around the world. Our company deals with development and implementation of projects to create modern production facilities at the enterprises of the machine-building complex and supply high-performance and high-quality metalworking equipment worldwide.

New exhibitions and seminars, conferences and courses allow our employees to be constantly in a close contact with customers, increasing the effectiveness of cooperation with ProfiMachines.

Our core beliefs and values

  • Respect: we greatly appreciate the partnerships with suppliers, customers, and employees. “Treat others the way you want others to treat you.”
  • Self-esteem: we are aware that we are doing a great job and understand a great responsibility for everything we do.
  • Honesty: we are conscientious, we honor our obligations to be consistent and reliable.
  • Hard work: we love to do good things well. We can also offer a good coffee.

Advantages of cooperation with ProfiMachines:

Our mission: to change the world for the better

  • spreading advanced technologies that improve the life of society;
  • providing high quality services;
  • transferring accumulated knowledge;
  • enhancing the culture of society, culture of production and business.