COLLE Tube maker vibrocompressed concrete

COLLE tube maker for the production of vibrocompressed concrete tubes

– Automatic tube maker, COLLE brand, model for circular 30/100 and ovoid tubes 60×90-80×120
– Concrete pipes production line vibrocompressed, length 200 cm
– Circular tubes diameters Ø30-Ø40-Ø50-Ø60-Ø80-Ø100
– Oval tubes section 80×120 and section 60×90
– Built in the late 80’s
– Hydraulic operation
– Made up of frame, motors, hydraulic unit, pump and control console
– The positioning of the molds during the pouring of concrete is under the surface.
– Once the tube has been formed and vibro-compressed, by telescopic lifting of the frame that supports the mold, it is brought to the road surface to be picked up and transferred to the seasoning area.
– Machine currently disconnected and off-line.

– Hopper and sliding rail,
– The whole series of molds, single and double, with laying surfaces for circular tubes, with the relevant bottoms necessary for daily productivity. Size 30/40/50/60/80/100 cm
– 2 molds, single, ovoid, with laying surface, section 60×90 and section 80×120, with the relevant bottoms necessary for daily productivity Very reliable tube maker, produced by a leading company in the market, therefore a guarantee of future assistance and service.

In good working condition, it is possible to see it connected and working, by appointment.

It is guaranteed that all the parts of the machine are functioning, and it is possible to see the testing.

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The product code: 22396