Cut-off line OMES MEP Group

Cut-off line OMES MEP Group

The Cut-off line is a complete automatic line for cutting and shaping bars.
The entire production cycle is automated for maximum flexibility, productivity and waste reduction. A cutting carriage with many storage positions characterizes the cutting phase and an intermediate two-level collection station that allows the pieces produced to be transferred in various channels or for the packaging of the “cut to size” bundles or for the accumulation in a storage. In addition, a program can be set in which 2 robot-moulders will perform cuts in a given rhythm.

– 1 mobile beam-holding warehouse at 7 compartments
– 1 cutting carriage model
– 2 1-way shaping robots OMES (MEP Group) mod. CS40 SX BR1V
– 1 1-way motorized roller bench mod. B1M1R / 16
– 1 1-way motorized roller bench mod. B1M2R / 12
– 2 chain feeders mod. ALIMGUZA
– 1 4 compartments rack mod. RB4S / 12
– 1 electronic programmer type P.C.I. with original MEP software
Year of construction 2001. Top-of-the-range plant for productivity, in the processing of iron bars.
Modular and integrated components.
Complete management of all stages of bar processing. The shaping robots make folds both clockwise and counterclockwise.
Very rich composition of components that can also be used individually.
Possibility of selling, even separately, the individual components.

In good working condition, it is possible to see it connected and working, by appointment.

It is guaranteed that all the parts of the machine are functioning, and it is possible to see the testing.

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The product code: 22442