Double sided hydraulic press SPS (SIEMPELKAMP)


(Hydro – forming with max power of 3500 Ton. ) Without dismantling and loading EXW Paris, France Double sided hydraulic press Brand: SPS (SIEMPELKAMP) Year: 2002 Power: 1600 Ton. (deep drawing / molding) Power: 3,500 Ton (hydro-forming with 4000 bar pump) Stroke: 1,350 mm Max mold light: 2,100 mm Mobile carriage: 3,150 mm x 1,900 mm Max speed: 500 mm / second Working: 200 mm / sec. In the case of operation by hydro forming, the hydraulic cylinders of the slide close the mold, then become passive. Press cushion: Power: 400 Ton. Max stroke: 450 mm Machine weight: 420 Ton. Installed power 550 kW, 400 V and 50 Hz The most important point is: the press is “double use”, the Hydro-forming working NOT interfering with the Deep drawing. (Please check the CNC control panel with a simple setting for the 2 working use….) Please find the “die” (installed in the ram and in the moving bolster) Very high quality press: 4 stroke transducers on the slide: they can assure a very good parallelism of the slide (normally it is installed only one); 5 main cylinders on slide: very good distribution of loads, very small deflection of the slide (less than 8-10 mm / m); Very high speed in under pressure (it is not normal to have 200 mm / s) In good working condition, it is possible to see it connected and working, by appointment. It is guaranteed that all the parts of the machine are functioning, and it is possible to see the testing. The machine is available in — The product code: 22904