IMV Used Hydraulic Press 250 ton

I.M.V. PRESSE is a company with a high technological profile specialized in the development of a wide range of technical solutions, in particular of Hydraulic Presses for deformation and hot molding that are typically used in automotive and aeronautics. These presses are used, according to the model, for the crushing of billets, for the molding or for the Deburring of elements that have already been stamped.

IMV 250 ton Hydraulic Press

  • Brand: Imv Galli
  • Capacity: 250 ton
  • Model: DF 25CL
  • Machine serial number: 76/408
  • Stroke: 300 mm
  • Hits 30 – 90
  • Passage 1510 mm
  • Engine: 40 hp
  • 4 hp sledgehammer motor
  • Product code: 22481
This second hand Hydraulic Press for sale in Treviso Italy is in good working condition, it is possible to see it connected and working. Please contact us for an appointment on premises. 100% guarantee that all the parts of the machine function well: it is possible to run a test.
IMV PRESSE - Used Hydraulic Press 250 ton
I.M.V. PRESSE Hydraulic Press – 250 ton
Hydraulic Press (Work Area)
Image of the Work area of this 250 ton Hydraulic Press
Machine Details: all essential inforamtion (Model, power, serial number etc.)
Machine Details Plate: 250 ton, stroke: 300mm, Hits: 30-90, Model: DF 25 CL, Machine number: 76/408