OME pipe-bending line

OME pipe-bending line

Line Features
Year 1974
Operating voltage V.380 Hz50
Absorption Line Kw 350
Welding machine absorption Kw 250
Air pressure Atm. 7

Possible productions:
Round Tube Minimum Diameter mm. 16.75 (3/8)
Round tube Maximum diameter mm. 89 (3 “)
Square tube – Rectangle – Oval
20×20 – 70×70
30×10 – 80×40
Minimum thickness 1.0 mm.
Maximum thickness 4.0 mm.

Production speed:
the indicative production speed referred to a tube Ø 42 mm thickness 2.7 mm 55-60 linear meters per 1 hour. The production speed is closely linked to the type of welding machine adopted, the quality of the material to be welded, and the thickness of the tube itself.

In good working condition, it is possible to see it connected and working, by appointment.
It is guaranteed that all the parts of the machine are functioning, and it is possible to see the testing.

The machine is available in Brescia

The product code: 22320