Pipe manufacturing line, TIG wielding, diameter 50-114 mm

TIG (not in high frequency)
Electric pipes line with diameter 50-114mm
One (1) plant for the production of longitudinally tig welded stainless steel tubes, starting from coils.
Year 1998
This plant is manufactured for the production of stainless steel tubes only, with TIG welding process. Consequently, it is not convertible to other kinds of production.

Technical data:
Min. Tube diameter 50 mm
Max. Tube diameter 114.3 mm
Min. Strip thickness 1 mm
Max. Strip thickness 3.2 mm
Max. Tube length 9 meters
Max. Plant speed 7 meters / minute

The plant is consisting of:
1 double arms idle running swivel decoiler, with expansion and rotation control hydraulically operated, with capacity of 10,000 kg, complete with hold-down roll.
1 strip heading and jointing table, equipped with manual shear and pneumatic strip locking clamps.
Max. Strip entry width: 550 mm.
1 strip storaging system, consisting of two vertical walls made of electrowelded steel, assembled on a support base.
The strip storaging system allows the continuous operation of the roll forming machine without stopping the same during the strip jointing operation.
1 roll forming machine, equipped with:
Strip entry rolls
Strip entry guide
8 Forming stands, with roll shafts with diameter of 70 mm
7 Intermediate idle roll stands
Welding clamp
– Adjustable support of welding unit
Multicathode / TIG welding unit
Welding rolling tool
Bead grinder
4 Sizing stands, with roll shafts with diameter of 70 mm
4 Intermediate idle roll sizing stands
Straightening device
1 Brushing machine
1 Tube marking tool
1 Welding check system
Cleaner Tank with 1.5 kW pump
Triple electrical motorization with inverter control.
1 tube cut-off system, cut-off head band saw type, with flying carriage pneumatically operated.
1 ejecting table, with motorized transport rolls and pneumatic lateral ejectors of the tube.
1 electrical control equipment, equipped with main cabinet, control panel and button desks.
Overall dimensions of the plant:

– Length: 37.3 meters.
– Width: 4.5 meters.
The welding process is automatic.
The machine has 3 Miller welders.

In good working condition, it is possible to see it connected and working, by appointment.

It is guaranteed that all the parts of the machine are functioning, and it is possible to see the testing.

The machine is available in Milan

The product code: 21382