Press 200 ton SAN GIACOMO year of production 1998


C-frame back geared eccentric press

This machine is a C-frame back geared eccentric Press produced by SAN GIACOMO PRESSE. This is a leading company in the production of C-frame and straight-side eccentric mechanical presses. SAN GIACOMO PRESSE have a strong experience in the world market since the 1960s.The whole production, carried out in the premises of Vittorio Veneto in Treviso (Italy). This guarantees quality control for every single component of each Press. SAN GIACOMO PRESSE machines perform metal deformation, like stamping, shearing and deep drawing. They build machines in compliance with CE norms on quality. Their particular attention to research and development, provides high flexibility on metal stamping. This used Press has the following Characteristics:

T200-RCE 200 ton, year of production 1998

  • Machine Number: 8888
  • Nominal Force: 2000 kN
  • Variable Stroke: 19 – 230 mm
  • Cycles per minute: 45
  • Weight: 19000 kg
  • Product code: 23053
  • Available in Turin (Italy)
As per all our machines, this 200 ton Press is fully functional. It is also in good conditions as you can see in the following images. We can arrange for an appointment for you to inspect the machine and run a test. Please contact us to arrange an appointment or for more information.
Machine details (Technical Characteristics)
The most important machine details: T200-RCE 200 ton, year of production 1998, Machine Number: 8888, Nominal Force: 2000 kN, Variable Stroke: 19 – 230 mm, Cycles per minute: 45, Weight: 19000 kg
SAN GIACOMO PRESSE, C-frame back geared eccentric press, T200-RCE 200 ton
A full view of the machine, in good general conditions and fully functioning: all parts are also fully functioning