Used 40 ton press brake GADE 2000 mm bending length

This machine produced by GADE, is the PS-240 – 40 ton Press Brake. GADE is a leader in the production of high quality industrial machines for the sheet metal industry. Their line of products includes not only Hydraulic presses, but also Guillotine Shears for quality metal sheet cutting, Robotized Cells and other special application machines.

Machine details:

This machine is in good working conditions and can be inspected and tested on premises. All parts of this 40 ton press brake are perfectly functioning.

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40 ton press brake 2000 mm bending length (GADE PS-240)
GADE PS-240 hydraulic press with a bending length of 2000 mm

Press Machine detail of working area
Machine detail

Lateral view of the brake (left hand side)
Lateral view of the machine (left hand side)

View of the press elerctrical cabling and wiring
cabling and wiring cabinet

frontal view of the machine
elerctrical cabling and wiring cabinet

Press details: GADE PS-240, year of production: 2002, Serial number: 1962, bending length: 2200 mm, Force 40 ton
Press details (Model, year of production, weight, serial number, bending length, force, tank capacity

machine view from the rear
Rear view of the machine

Machine control panel
Control panel

Detail of machine bending area (2000 mm)
Detail of machine bending area (2000 mm)

detailed view of press brake work area (entire bending length)
detailed view of press brake work area (entire bending length)