Press brake Gasparini 4000 mm x 200 ton

This is a Press Brake produced by Gasparini in Treviso Italy. Gasparini produce Press Brakes and other high tech industrial machines. Gasparini was founded in 1975 is a leader in this field with an ongoing reputation of excellence. There are more than eight thousand Gasparini Press Brakes installed worldwide.

The Press Brake was produced in 1997 and is 100% functional, thus in good working conditions. All machine parts are also fully functional.

Press Brake Details

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Press Brake 4000 mm x 200 ton - Gasparini PSG 200
This is a used Gasparini PSG 200 Press Brake for sale in Verona Italy immediately available

Press Brake closeup detailed view of the Press Brake
A closer look at the machine: a detailed view to see how the machine is in good conditions

Closeup view of the working area of the Press Brake
A Closeup view of the working area of this Press Brake

Serial Number: 04973413 Year of Production: 1997  Work Force: 2,000 kN Stroke: 200 mm Weight: 16.5 ton Approach speed: 0 - 100 mm / s Stopping time: 64 ms
The Press Brake technical features

Side view of the machine (Gasparini PSG 200 Press Brake)
Another view of the machine from another angle

Machine Work Load Diagram
Machine Work Load Diagram

The control panel
A closeup view of the machine’s control panel

Machine electrical housing cabinet
The Machine’s electrical housing cabinet