200 TON Press – Bulcom


This is a 200 ton Press for sale and immediately available to buyer. This machine was produced in 1999 and is good working conditions. You can see the machine has been well kept in the following photos. Bulcom Srl in Milan is the company who produced this press.

Detailed Machine Information

  • Machine Type: Press Bulcon 200 ton
  • Model: PE 200
  • Year of production 1999
  • Produced by: Bulcom Srl in Milan
  • Max stroke: 200 mm
  • Min stroke: 20 mm
  • Number of strokes: 45
  • Power 17.2 kW
  • Product Code: 22158
  • Machine Location: Venice (Italy)
This Bulcom Press is available for inspection on premises. Interested parties who wish to see the machine can also witness a live machine test. Vendor guarantees that all parts of the press function. Contact us today for more information about the Machine
Bulcom 200 ton Press: Pneumtic functional diagram
Pneumatic functional diagram of this 200 ton Bulcom Press
Bulcom Press (200 ton, 200 mm max. stroke) detailed view
A detailed view of the machine work area
Bulcom 200 ton press Lubrication schematic
Information on the lubrication aspects of this Bulcom Press
Original image of machine information including manufacturer
Original image of machine information including manufacturer
Machine work diagram (Bulcom 200 ton press)
The Stroke/pressure curves for this machine (Work diagram curves)