Production line CR tube STRADA for air conditioner

The product code: 17261

CR tube production line for air conditioner.

Advantages of the system:

Complete automation of the production process

Production is managed by a single operator with considerable labor savings

High channel quality

The numerical control system guarantees a channel with reduced tolerances and with a high quality of the profiles and folds

High productivity

Production a channel complete with flanging in just over a minute. Zeroing of the scraps

The use of the coils allows to completely eliminate the scraps for the production of straight ducts

Production management

Thanks to the connection with the computer of the plasma machine, the work programs are prepared in the office on special software allowing an optimal management of the production

Thanks also to the printing of various lists (weight, cost, etc.) it is a complete system for the automated production of rectangular channels for air conditioning pipes.

It allows to obtain complete channels of high quality construction, in a fast and efficient way as the production is entirely managed by numerical control.

The production line is available in the useful widths of 1500 or 2000 mm and consists of the following modules:

• Decoiler for 5000 or 8000 Kg coils.

• Automatic selector / inserter. Selection and insertion module for automatic insertion of a sheet metal among those of the 4 coils available. This module avoids manual intervention by the operator to insert sheet metal into the machine when changing from one thickness to another.

• Flattening machine. A robust, electronically controlled 9-flattening module ensures sheet advancement.

• Roller levelling. Through a series of rollers this machine performs a rib which increases the rigidity of the channel.

• Double flanging station on the channel. Two Flarom-type presses placed on the two sides of the sheet produce a “flange” porphyry directly on the channel.

• Bending machine with numerical control. An electronically controlled flag folding machine that realizes to measure with considerable precision.

• Numerical control. A control desk complete with monitor designed and built by CR Electronic allows the programming and the control of all the working phases of the Road. A connection with a personal computer allows the transmission of programs directly from the technical office. Overall dimensions: 25mt x 6mt.

In good working condition, it is possible to see it connected and working, by appointment. 

It is guaranteed that all the parts of the machine are functioning, and it is possible to see the testing.

The machine is available in Modena.