Stirrup-spiral SCHNELL SPIREX


Stirrup-spiral SCHNELL SPIREX with Robot  
– Year 2011
– Double-use machinery, vertical stirrup bending machine, horizontal spiral bending machine
– Automatic change from 2 positions
– Realizes continuous stirrups (spirals) with programmed pitch arms
– The spirals made allow a quick assembly of the armature cage
– Brackets, workable diameter up to 12 (2 wires), spirals workable diameter up to 10
(1 wire)
– Diameters inserted thanks to the pre-feeder
– Equipped with a double height reel for a total of 2 loadable reels
– Additional spiral collection reel, synchronized and translatable on tracks
– Plus the compaction robot and spiral picking
– Schnell control console “KS 104” with original software and external monitor
– Electric-pneumatic machine operation, requires compressor.
– Average electric consumption 4 Kwh
– Sheet metal base and work area fence with mesh and photocells
– Use and maintenance manuals, accessories and spare parts.
– A few hours of work, in excellent condition.

It is guaranteed that all the parts of the machine are functioning, and it is possible to see the testing.

The machine is available in Chieti

The product code: 22161