Used press brake Novastilmec type Shp 500/40

For sale by ProfiMachines a used Novastilmec press brake


  • type: SHP 500/40
  • 4 AXES Y1, Y2 Z R
  • CNC: new
  • thrust: 500 tons
  • length: 4050 mm
  • upright opening: 3350 mm
  • groove: 510 mm
  • slide stroke: 320 mm
  • approach speed: 0-75 mm / sec
  • working speed 8-10 mm / sec
  • return speed 100 mm / sec
  • engine power: 60 hp
  • backgauge with touch screen
  • 4-axis videographic brand: Stepp
  • crowning: brand Villa
  • backgauge stroke: 600 mm
  • motorized R axis
  • two years warranty

Product code: 24536

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The used press brake is available in Bergamo, Italy.

In good working condition, it is possible to see it connected and working, by appointment. The guarantee on the machinery is its functionality in all its parts.

Contact us now for an appointment to inspect the machine, for more information or for a quote.

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Press brake Novastilmec type Shp 500/40