CORAL Welding Fume Extraction System offers this Portable Welding Fume Extractor System, in excellent conditions. The machine processes welding fumes and small amounts of dry dust. In fact, it uses a telescopic suction arm, compliant with applicable safety regulations.

This machine is compliant with workplace and fume contaminants extraction from the environment.

Welding Fumes Filter Produced by CORAL

This machine is produced by CORAL. CORAL is a leader in the design and construction of industrial air filtering systems. They also produce industrial air treatment plants. CORAL has an undisputed strong experience in the field of building ecological machines. In other words, they operate in compliance with rules and regulations to fight the pollution of air, water.

Inspect and Test This Machine on Premises

This CORAL Welding Fume Removal and Extraction System is in very good conditions. It can be inspected and tested on premises.

Please contact us for an appointment to inspect and test the machine. Use the form after the images to request a quotation. guarantees that all the parts are functioning.

The machine is available for inspection and purchase in Como.

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Product code: 23153

Industrial Welding Fume Extractor for sale, Used Good Conditions
This is a Portable Welding Fume Extractor System produced by CORAL

CORAL Weld Fume Extractor, a detail of the machine
A close up view of the machine. As you can see it is in excellent conditions

Another close up view of the machine (CORAL Welding Fumes Filtering System)
Another close up view of the machine (CORAL Welding Fumes Filtering System)